Alarm Systems

What can remote starting your vehicle do for you?

Your vehicle, when equipped with a professionally-installed remote start system, can save you time and trouble from everyday inconveniences. Take advantage of your day instead of constantly sitting in the cold and heat. Having a remote start system means not having to wait for your car to warm up or cool down whenever you’re ready to go.

Remote start systems add comfort to your commute! Say goodbye to easily misplaced driving gloves. Arctic Start systems can activate heated seats and steering wheels at the touch of a button. Also, avoid the hassle of window shades which are time consuming and difficult to setup and stow away. By starting your vehicle remotely, you can hop in to a car that is always the right temperature.

One of the largest financial investments

in life is your vehicle. Everyday your car is vulnerable to theft and break-ins which can cost you thousands of dollars. Protect your vehicle with a state-of-the-art Arctic Start security system. Today, many vehicles are sold without a security system and those that are lack the tools to fully monitor the safety of a vehicle. Arctic Start combines years of innovative security features with advanced monitoring technology to safeguard your car.

Features like:

Passive Arming, automatically locks your doors after 30 seconds of inactivity.Valet Mode, disables security features to prevent false alarms.Auto Relock, reactivates door locks and security if you unintentionally unlock.Proximity Access, senses your distance from the vehicle and locks or unlocks automatically, and many more.

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